Why People Are Willing To Change Diet But Not Skin Care, & 4 Steps To Happy, Healthy Skin

As a skin care expert, I’ve been able to change the lives of many people by investing them with confidence and beauty.   Some of the responses I get from my clients, however, simply amaze me.  If you’re willing to go that extra mile and feed your body with organic, pure and clean food, why aren’t you doing the same for your skin?

If you spent money on a beautiful, expensive purse, would you treat it with care or toss it around like a piece of garbage?

This goes for facials. How do you expect to have great skin when you simply pay attention to caring for it whenever you think your skin needs attention?  It’s not the once-a-month facial that will keep your skin glowing everyday, but the humdrum maintenance process.  This is far more important than going to a skin care specialist once in awhile.

I sure wish I had the gift of the genie and could simply make all the imperfection disappear with a snap of my fingers.  But it doesn't work that way, unless you go for the quick fix.  Remember, that Botox injection or well-praised filler will only make you face look plumper.  But your skin will still be in a poor condition both below and on the surface.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how you want to age?

Gracefully?  Youthfully?  Agelessly?

Follow these three guidelines for healthy, happy looking skin:

1)  Learn about your skin and how to care for it during every season.  What does it need?  How does it appear day-to-day?

2)  What are the skin issues and concerns you would like to address?  Do you suffer from fine lines, sun damaged, spots, sagging jowls, or dark circles?

3) Get regular facials to keep pre-mature facial skin aging at bay. Ideally, I recommend that you get one every 6-8 weeks.  You can lessen these times if you need correction.  If you’re great at taking care of your skin with product and diet, a simple seasonal facial might be enough.

4) Include the latest ingredients in your facial skin care routine.  Here are some of the latest I’ve been offering my clients—

  • Peptides.  The newest ingredient in anti-aging products for skin care, this very costly and complex component is used only in the most premium of skin care products.  It stimulates the production of collagen to restore a youthful glow, increases circulation, strengthens the capillaries, and more for the reduction of wrinkles, and increased firmness and tonicity of skin.
  • Vitamin C.  The antioxidant properties of this wonder-working vitamin will slow the rate of unstable molecules or “free radicals” in your skin, thus preventing skin dryness, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Reveratrol.  Powerful with no less than 17 times the antixoidant properties of common antioxidants found in wrinkle cream, this scientifically tested product is greater in restoring your youthful glow than a whole host of vitamins, including E and C.
  • Stem Cells from Vegetables. Rejuvenate your age and protect your skin from UV-induced aging with this powerful, natural ingredient.
  • HGH.  Also known as Human Growth Hormone, this protein-replicating substance is usually found in the brain’s pituitary gland.  A strong metabolic powerhouse for the prevention of wrinkles and stabilization of growth and fat, it lessens in your body as you grow older.  Replenishing your body with HGH will restore your youthful look.

Remember, just because we age, it doesn't mean we can't look and feel attractive. If you are happy with your looks and feel, then you have discovered true beauty.  A balanced lifestyle is the key.

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